Monday, November 5, 2012

Greyden is Growing Up!

As time goes on and Greyden and Emerson grow up, I find that I don't always have time to capture their cuteness on my blog. Instead I jot notes on my phone, then don't do anything with them. So in an effort to catch myself up, I'm writing a totally random post.

My first born baby is growing up! It's amazing the things that he is picking up. When I had Emerson, mom came down to help me take care of her. As we were heading out the door one day, mom picked up my purse to hand it to me. Greyden ran over to take it from her while telling her, "no! Mommy's!" Then he brought it to me. I had no idea he'd even noticed it before. He's also told Kevin "no! Mommy's shirt!" when he's wearing one that we both have. Since he's picking up on so much, we've had to be really careful about what we say and do around him. I hadn't put much thought into the breastfeeding thing and what he would think and how he'd react when he saw Emerson doing it. The first time I nursed her in front of him, I had my answer. As soon as I was home from the hospital, I was feeding Emerson when Grey came running over yelling "Back! BACK!" (this is what we say to the dogs) "No bite mommy!" Yes, we explained to him that mommy is feeding sissy, and she's eating, not biting. A few times since then he's asked if "baby sissy bites mommy?" but hasn't seemed too concerned. Then last weekend I was just finishing nursing her and Greyden asked me "Sissy all done biting Mommy?" So maybe he's still a little confused.

He's definitely turned into a toddler over night though. Suddenly everything is more difficult. For example, diaper changes. We used to be able to convince him to come with us to his room so that we could change him by telling him that mommy or daddy was going without him. Now he just tells us "okay! Bye!" He's also become very opinionated. Everything is "no singing, daddy", "no talking", "come, mommy" or "sit down". And god forbid you don't do it. You'll probably witness the tantrum from hell. If he's not giving orders, he's "fixin" things. "I fixin?" or "Daddy fixin?" And sometimes it's an order, for example when he brings you something (like two halves of Daddy's glasses that he had found on the nightstand) and tells you to "fix it". Yes, we're working on adding please to the end. Everytime someone says ow, he also asks "okay?" We've come along way from Greyden's first word of dog. Of course his favorite toddler word is "NO!" Actually, in the last week it's become "NO WAY!" I love daycare.

Now that he's talking and repeating everything we say, we have to watch ourselves. No more asking Emerson if she wants some boobies. Nor can we make up words to songs and nursery rhymes that we don't know. Well, we still can, but we just have to make sure they're not inappropriate . (Have you ever noticed that it's much easier to make up inappropriate words to songs rather than sing the real words?) We've had some issues with pronunciation of certain words. For awhile "fishies" was "shitties". Kevin even tried to teach him to say it properly by saying "fa-fa-fa-fishies". All he got in return was "fa-fa-fa-shitties". He pronunces bear like "beer", which, the first time he said it, prompted Daddy to freak out and tell him "shhhh! Don't let your mommy hear you say that!" The newest pronunciation disaster is the word "bucket". He seems to be convinced that it starts with an F. Kevin and I have done everything we can to get him to say it correctly, including saying "buh-buh-buh-bucket". I'm pretty sure that's going in one ear and out the other, considering this morning he told me that his dump truck had a "buh-buh-buh-fucket".

Greyden is taking the whole new little sister thing incredibly well. In fact, he seems to adore her. Whenever she is in her carseat and starts to cry, he reaches over and holds her hand.

Greyden wanted a picture with his "beek ponekin" as he calls it. We have to go to the side light window and look at it multiple times each day.

This is what happens when I turn my back for two seconds.

Luckily he was just going in for a kiss. :)


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